Why Use Hypnosis to stop Smoking


61940596_176143720067162_6823799823196487680_nStop smoking why hypnotherapy works over nicotine replacements

The mental addiction.
Our subconscious thoughts keep the nicotine addiction in place. The subconscious triggers the urge for a cigarette after dinner, or when you get behind the wheel. It’s the subconscious mind that triggers a pang when you’re under stress, or you’ve poured a glass of wine.

This mental battle also explains why most smoking cessation aids like nicotine replacement therapy are mostly ineffective. NRT only eliminates the physical cravings – but those mental urges, those subconscious thoughts that tell us to reach for a cigarette, they’re still very much in place.

Overcoming nicotine addiction, therefore, requires smokers to tackle the mental battle head on. This battle rages in your subconscious thanks to top-down processing.