Hi, I’m Oliver, a clinical hypnotherapist by profession.

I was once a compulsive smoker like you. I tried nearly everything to quit. The fact that I was destroying 30 cigarettes on average each day, didn’t help at all. Even though I enjoyed it, I knew it was silently killing me inside. I just had to stop.

On the verge of giving up, a close relative suggested seeing a hypnotherapist. I initially laughed at the idea and thought “what does hypnosis have to do with giving up smoking?”

After a few days, however, seeing how I was out of options, I decided to give it go, because I didn’t have anything to lose. This is when my life turned around and here’s why:

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking – for good

With so much conflicting information online so as to how you can stop smoking, it can seem overwhelming to choose the right route. One thing is clear though, there are clear benefits to giving up smoking permanently, which include:

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved physical health and mental well being
  • Much better sense of taste and smell
  • Better breathing overall
  • Better immune function
  • Younger skin
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Those you love no longer have to breath passive smoke
  • More money!

Many people are initially surprised and even confused when they come to know how effective hypnotherapy to quit smoking is. In fact, majority of my clients have been able to give up smoking after just 1-2 sessions, and to this day are happy non-smokers.

According to a scientific publication, hypnosis is considered the most effective way of quitting smoking permanently, compared to other ways of quitting.




I smoked for 16 years, tried to quit in different ways, no one did really help. Soon enough i couldnt bear with craving and started to smoke again. I had my eyes on hypnotherapy for 3 years, but didnt trust all that till i saw someone saying that Oliver actually helped. Me and my husband decided to go for it. No we are happy non-smokers, no cravings at all. I’m starting to feel like i never smoked at all, i know i did, but it’s just feels like never ever. Highly recomend Oliver. P.s. He is always there if you need him, all support you need and more. Thanks Oliver for helping me and husband go smoke-free life 😍🤩😎🤘


I went to Ok Hypnotherapy a week and a half ago…After being a smoker over 17 years ive never been able to break the habit so going to get hypnotized i wasn’t sure it was going work..I went the wednesday night and the next day i still didnt feel like i could give them up but ollie told me to come back on the Thursday and i did…from the moment that session was over i havent smoked since 👌👌Its completely changed my mindset on how much i dont want to smoke….10 days off them now and nealry €150 saved and i feel great..I still do have moment’s when i think of smokes but as quick as i feel like i want one it goes again….Definitely recommend OK Hypnotherapy.thanks Ollie👌


Have been smoking for close to 20 years 20+ a day. Had tried loads of different ways of giving them up hypnosis has been d easiest only took 1 hour and can honestly say I haven’t missed them at all with no cravings either cheers Ollie highly recommend

Been to ok hypnotherapy just over 6 months ago, I had been a smoker for nearly 10 years! I’m glad to say I already see the change in me health waken up feeling good about my life not having to smoke or even to be out in the pub not to having to go out in the rain. Well worth every penny thank very much Ollie!

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