Are you struggling to quit the smoking habit and you don’t know what to do next.I have designed a 4 week hypnosis program to help you build up to and eventually stop smoking on the 4th session all online.The first session will help you ‘awaking the power of your subconscious mind’.it will be a nice introductory to hypnosis and will help you relax in future sessions much easier and unlock the will power within your subconscious mind.

‘Getting ready to be free from the habit forever’.In this session we will help your subconscious mind understand the harm that smoking is doing to your body and make you aware of every smoke you have and the toxins that you are breathing in every day.

‘Cutting down to 0’. In this session we will bring you on a journey where you will be choosing to stay on the road you are on and continue to kill yourself slowly or change now so you can have a longer life with your family and friends.Be healthier happier and have lots more money in your pocket.

‘Becoming a non-smoker for the rest of your life’. In this session we will give you all the tools your subconscious needs to finally be free from this dirty disgusting habit once and for all and give you the life you deserve free from nicotine.The life of a non smoker

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