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Sports and Mind Coaching


You may be a weekend sports warrior, a weekly player in a league/club, an amateur sportsperson or even a seasoned athlete – hypnosis can help take your game to the next level.

Irrespective of your current physical shape, capabilities or age, sports mind coaching can drastically improve your performance by using the power of your own subconscious state to improve the mind-body connection. Just some of the benefits of professional mind coaching include:

  • Learn how to beat obstacles to success
  • Beat game cheaters
  • Eliminate negative self-talk
  • Improve consistency
  • Maximise performance
  • Boost confidence
  • Get in the zone
  • Develop unprecedented mental toughness
  • Deal with slumps and burnouts
  • Solve problems preventing you from reaching max. potential
  • Stay accountable to yourself, you goals and your dreams
  • Attain an unmatched level of focus in every game

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Mental Toughness Training for Athletes

Many athletes and even coaches are either confused or not fully aware of the critical role mental toughness and strength plays in improving overall athletic performance. The main goal of sports mind coaching is to help athletes as well as their teams perform on the limit, by equipping them with the necessary skills to not just excel at their respective sport, but also overcome adversity, challenges and obstacles.

Sports mind coaching, however, is not to be mixed up with sports psychology coaching, which specifically deals with problematic athletes or those exhibiting abnormal behaviour.

Therefore, my expertise as a sports mind coach lies in helping athletes perform at their peak through the necessary mental toughness training to help them excel at their sport and overcome barriers. Mental skills training has been proven to be very useful when it comes to helping athletes smash through mental barriers and stay focused on key mental strategies in order to succeed.

As an athlete or a team coach, you are probably aware of how sports is just as much of a psychological and mental battle as it is a physical bout. Performance anxiety and a host of mental problems can often cause athletes to ‘freeze up’ or make decisions that can cost them the game. In addition, an anxious and confused athlete will often be ill-equipped to dynamically respond to challenges as they arise, letting the entire team down.

Drawing from my expertise as your mental toughness trainer, I will come up with a variety of mental game tools to help you focus, cope with pressure and expectations, build confidence, stay motivated, overcome intimidation from your fellow competitors and much more.

Get all the right mental skills training for athletes and you’re game!

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  1. A Mind Coach Helps You Focus. Perhaps the most critical techniques a mind coach gives you revolve around concentration. The coach will teach you where to place your focus, at the right time.


  1. A Mind Coach Helps You Stay Accountable. Your mind coach helps you stay on track by being accountable to yourself, your goals and your dreams.


  1. A Mind Coach Helps You Become An Effective Problem-Solver. Training and competition present to you a series of interesting challenges to overcome, disguised as problems. Your mind coach helps you become a superb problem-solver so you can surmount anything that comes your way.


  1. A Mind Coach Helps You Deal With Slumps And Burnout. Your mind coach helps you craft mind strategies and approaches to stopping slumps and burnout before they can take hold.


  1. A Mind Coach Helps You Handle Cheaters And Game-Players. If you are prone to being intimidated and psyched out by opponents, officials, or opposing fans, then a mind coach can help you dramatically. The mind coach helps you stay grounded and calm in the face of gamesmanship ploys.


What would you like your mind coach to help you with? In what areas would you immediately use a mind coach to raise your game a few notches? Think this over, and then contact a mind coach and interview them on their philosophies, approach, background and successes with their clients. If the chemistry is good, craft a plan and get started now on building a better mind game. You only have one mind. Use it to its full potential.

Mind coaching and mental skills training are critical for an athlete because psychological toughness counts just as much as physical abilities.

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