Hi my name Is Oliver Kierans and I am a clinical hypnotherapist.I once was a smoker just like you and I tried everything to quit.I was smoking 30 a day and I did enjoy smoking but I knew they where killing me so I tried everything I could to stop.

I was about to stop trying altogether until my uncle suggested I go to see a hypnotherapist,I just laughed a little to myself and said how on earth will he be able to help me stop.But after a few days I taught about it and said to myself what have I got to lose? So I decided I would give him a call and see what it was all about.

After my phone conversation with him I really got excited about being able to stop with no cravings and actually enjoy the process.After my session I was felt fantastic and knew straight away that I would never smoke again and I was amazed at how easy it was.A few years later I was still amazed at how hypnosis changed my life so I decided I wanted to help do the same for other people so I trained as a hypnotherapist and it opened my mind to the power of the subconscious.

Smoking is just a habit that you learned mainly when you where young and had no sense.But now as adults we should know better but the habit is there for so long we all think it is hard to break but its not.We can grow out of lots of other habits we had when we where younger so why not smoking.

In our sessions I will help you unlock the power of your own mind and get rid of this filthy habit forever.If you are 100% committed to stopping the smoking habit please get in touch for a free clarity call and we can discuss you options on how to best help you.

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